Inter fail Can Join Degree Courses

Inter fail Can Join Degree Courses

Empowering Inter Fail Students with NIOS On-Demand Exams

Sri Narayana College has several years of excellence under its belt and is constantly striving to offer the best for its students. The organization previously allowed inter fail students to join their degree courses but we’ve revised our policy in adherence to UGC regulations. This alteration brings forth a need for alternative pathways for students who failed their intermediate exams. Don’t worry, we got your back!

Exploring NIOS On-Demand Exams: A Viable Solution

Inter fail degree programs may be out of the picture but we have a viable solution for you. Sri Narayana Colleges, understanding the significance of adaptability in the educational journey, has embraced NIOS on-demand exams as a solution for Inter fail students facing obstacles. This partnership ensures that students, regardless of their previous academic setbacks, can continue their pursuit of higher education seamlessly.

NIOS On-Demand Exam Schedule

NIOS conducts on-demand exams with flexibility, offering slots in June/July, August, and September annually. Additionally, students have the opportunity for exams in January, February, and March. This unique scheduling system allows individuals to choose the timeframe that suits them best, providing the freedom to plan their academic progression effectively.

NIOS On Demand Exam – Credit Transfer Facility (TOC)

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the provision for credit transfer. Students joining NIOS on-demand exams at Sri Narayana Colleges have the option to transfer credits. This means that if they have excelled in any of the subjects already passed, those high marks can be transferred to their present NIOS Board Certificate after passing a minimum of three subjects in on-demand exams.

Registration Process of NIOS On Demand Exam 2024

To avail themselves of this opportunity, interested students can follow a streamlined registration process. Sri Narayana Colleges facilitates the enrollment process for NIOS on-demand exams, guiding students through the necessary steps. This ensures a hassle-free transition for those looking to pursue higher studies after failing intermediate.

Benefits for Inter Fail Students

The collaboration between Sri Narayana Colleges and NIOS on-demand exams is especially beneficial for Inter fail students. Instead of viewing Inter failure as a roadblock, this initiative allows them to participate in exams that align with their pace and readiness. Results are typically available within 45 days, ensuring a timely progression without the fear of wasting a year.

Diverse Opportunities with Sri Narayana Colleges

While Sri Narayana College no longer provides an inter fail join degree program, the institution continues to offer a diverse range of courses. Students, regardless of their academic journey, can explore options such as B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, BBA, BCA and BBM through regular or correspondence formats. Sri Narayana Colleges remains committed to guiding students towards achieving their educational and career aspirations.

Regular or Correspondence for Inter fail candidates!

Our courses are available in regular classroom designs, and also in correspondence. You can join in whichever course you want, regular or correspondence, to reach your dreams of being a graduate. Our courses will Make you ready for exams and also for jobs.

Reasons to Join at Sri Narayana Colleges:

  • Our team of leaders from Hyderabad, offer regular and distance education in degree courses if failed in inter or discontinued, and Will allow you to choose your career.
  • From us, you will receive the best exam oriented and NIOS classroom training courses to pass the exam and gain a certificate.
  • 12th failed students can join in regular graduation program from our college and choose your desired course like B.A, B Com, B Sc, B.B.A and B.B.M courses.

So, after inter fail, now you know the right platform to choose. Students from Hyderabad and Secunderabad, be a part of our educational institutions and achieve your dreams.