1. Is there an option to complete degree in one sitting?
a. Yes. We provide one sitting courses, but it is only for people who have discontinued their degree after 1st/2nd year. We do not offer one sitting for for students who have passed or failed INTER/SSC.

2. Can I join in a degree direct, if I am fail in inter?
a. Yes, it is possible for you to join in inter fail join degree courses. You need to appear for entrance examination, which will be conducted by the concerned university.  If you pass the exam, you will be admitted into 1st  year degree program.

3. Which university degree programs are available?
a. Our degree programs are available for Acharya Nagarjuna University, Kakatiya University, Osmania University, Karnataka Open University,Gitam University, and Alagappa University.

4. Do you conduct regular classes for the students?
a. Yes, we conduct regular classes for students. Based on the number of students, we conduct regular classes. We have excellent faculty and they are available with us in our institution. Students can come to institute and clarify doubts and questions at any time.

5. When are the exams conducted?
a. Exams will be conducted in April/May timeframe annually for academic year batches. For calendar year batch, exams will be conducted in December.

6. Is this degree valid for promotions, government jobs, and higher education?
a. Since the degree students would get is approved by the UGC, it is valid for government jobs, promotions, and higher education.

7. Are entrance exams mandatory?
a. An entrance exam is not at all mandatory for students who have done their intermediate. For others it is mandatory.

8. Can a student get back dated certificates?
a. It is not possible to get back dated certificates.

9. Do you provide job assistance services?
a. We do provide job assistance services. We would forward your resumes to companies we are associated with. One gets a job based upon ones skills.